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Nahua (pronounced /ˈnɑːwɑː/) is Costa Rica’s leading fine flavor cacao producer with a social mission, supplying leading chocolatiers and cacao buyers around the world. Grown in the fertile soils of Costa Rica, our single origin Trinitario cacao beans are nurtured to their full-bodied flavor potential through a meticulous post-harvest process.

Working directly with top-selected local farmers, we procure our beans fresh and manage the entire post-harvest process at our controlled fermentation facility in the idyllic Costa Rican climate, consistently achieving ideal quality standards.

Nahua is committed to improving the lives of smallholder farmers through training, support and community engagement, and focus on the environment by promoting sustainable farming practices, reforestation and the conservation of natural ecosystems. We seek to make a positive impact, one cacao bean at a time



We value the high quality of our cacao. Our award-winning, single origin Trinitario cacao beans are sourced from the fertile soils of Costa Rica and reach their full-bodied potential through a meticulous post-harvest process.

The exceptional flavor profile is attributed to unique genetic varieties, as well as the result of sustainable farming practices of selected smallholder farmers from whom we procure fresh, carefully grown cacao.



Nahua has built and directly manages a custom facility with a pre-defined fermentation process that allows cacao beans to develop appropriately in line with desired physical and biochemical changes, matching the high standards and consistency of prized cacao beans. We directly oversee the fermentation process to maximize the unique gourmet flavor and aroma profile that characterizes our specialty cacao beans. Once fermented, beans are placed on elevated beds in an expansive greenhouse where they undergo solar drying.



At Nahua, we are as passionate about the source of our beans as we are all about our impact on the lives of cacao growers. We are committed to supporting and empowering smallholder farmers through technical, ecological and social programs to promote improved farmer livelihoods, sustainable practices, reforestation and the conservation of natural ecosystems.



Meet the dedicated and passionate team at Nahua Cacao that is committed to making a difference:

Juan Pablo Buchert

Juan Pablo Buchert

Founder & CEO

Juan Pablo has been responsible for developing various environmental and cacao projects in Latin America.  He is the Chairman of the Costa Rican Fine Cacao Chamber.

Justin Eldridge

Justin Eldridge

Impact Advisor

Experienced professional in the field of social development and environmental sustainability in Latin America. Founder of the Organization for Youth Empowerment.



Top chocolatiers around the world aquire Nahua’s unique cocoa beans to prepare their gourmet chocolates.

We proudly present some success stories from our network of chocolatier customers.

Nahua Cacao

Costa Rica

Included in the top 50 selection of the best cocoa samples – Cocoa of Excellence Programme

Ongoing contest.

Chocolaterie Tessa


Bronze Award Winner (Costa Rican single origin bar) at International Chocolate Awards 2017 Americas

Chocolatier: Tessa Morgan





Silver Award Winner (Costa Rica/Upala single origin bar) at International Chocolate Awards 2017 Americas Chocolatier: Ben Rasmussen

Feitoria do Cacao


Gold Award Winner (Costa Rica single origin bar) at International Chocolate Awards 2017 Europe

Chocolatiers: Tomoko Suga and Susana Tavares

The Roasting Masters

South Korea

Bronze Award Winner (Maleku single origin bar) at International Chocolate Awards 2016 Americas

Left to right:  KIWOOK SHIN  (CEO & Founder), SUKHYUN CHOI (Chocolatier), INCHUL KANG (Head Chocolatier)

“Korean consumers have extremely high standards and expect both outstanding quality and deep authenticity in their products. Nahua’s cacao beans have exceeded these expectations, and have brought smiles to the faces of many customers. The complex and deep flavor profile of the Maleku beans and the fruity, balanced acidity of the Caracche beans are both excellent choices for crafting exceptional bean-to-bar chocolate.”




Bronze Award Winner (Maleku single origin bar) at International Chocolate Awards 2016 Europe

Chocolatier: Mario Vandeneede

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