Founded in 2011 in San Jose, Costa Rica, Nahua is passionate about fine cacao and outstanding chocolate. Through sourcing premium quality, single origin cacao beans from the Upala region of Costa Rica, we expanded our focus on supporting smallholder farmers through technical training and social development programs as part of Nahua’s Cacao Renovation Program.

As Costa Rica’s leading producer of fine-flavored and responsibly sourced cacao beans, we produce only top quality Trinitario cacao purchased fresh and directly from our select farmer network. Our onsite post-harvest facility ensures beans are fermented and dried resulting in a gourmet flavor profile.

In addition to our premium cacao beans, we also offer  a selection of artisan, hand-crafted chocolate products. Learn more about our amazing chocolate here.

  • Passion
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability

The name Nahua refers to the indigenous group of Aztec origin who settled throughout Central America and Costa Rica, and were the first to unlock the potential of cacao as the ‘drink of the gods’.